Cemeteries, Golf Courses & Parks


We utilize CAD software to communicate efficiently and professionally with your development team


Trees are an integral part of the experience within a cemetery, golf course or parkland.  Proper management begins with knowing what you have, where it is, and what condition it is in.  Proper maintenance schedules can then be created, implemented, and optimized for your needs.


Tree Inventory

7 Oaks’ certified arborists will tag, size, and assess all significant trees on site.  This is an invaluable tool for the preparation of a management plan or preservation plan for construction projects.


Management Plan

Utilizing the data collected from the Tree Inventory, appropriate recommendations can be made for trees.  An efficient way to allocate resources and provide an insight into a often overlooked area of the budget.  Maintenance schedules can be prepared addressing long-term planning as well as short-term goals, such as tree establishment.


Integrated Pest Management

Insects can be one of the most detrimental factors within the landscape.  Their life cycles can be predicted and therefore, management, upon identification, can be obtained.  Whether through chemical applications or a more natural approach, pest management is possible within the landscape. 


Risk Assessment

Although trees are a beautiful commodity, they can also be dangerous to visitors.  Let 7 Oaks identify and prepare mitigation strategies to protect your visitors, property and infrastructure.