What We Do For You

7 Oaks Tree Care & Urban Forestry Consultants will ensure that all of your arboricultural consulting needs are met and your project is completed professionally and efficiently.

We utilize CAD software to communicate professionally and efficiently with your development team


For our Land Development Clients
We will work closely with your designer, architect, project engineer or planner to ensure that all municipal requirements will be met. We  can liaise between the city, your consultants and you to ensure that the City's requirements fall on knowing arboricultural ears.

For our Residential & Commercial Clients
We will provide personal service, site visits and follow-ups to ensure that any management recommendations are appropriately adhered to and guidelines followed.


For our Real Estate & Insurance Clients

You can rest assured that any required valuations or reporting will be done objectively and fairly.

For our Municipal Clients 

Our aim is to ensure that multi-faceted municipal plans are incorporated seamlessly and professionally.