Arborist Report and Land Development Services in Toronto and GTA


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Arborist Reports for Tree Removal Permits

(Do I Need a Permit?) 

We will prepare an arborist report to satisfy your municipality’s requirements for a private or municipal tree removal permit. This will address all of the specifications required by your municipality, including tree size and location, species identification, and condition. A tree replacement plan can also be prepared if it is required.  


Tree Inventory

Many municipalities require an inventory of trees to satisfy conditions for an application to sever a parcel of land, apply for minor variance or a zoning by-law amendment.
We will tag and assess the condition of all the significant trees located on your site and on adjacent property as specified in your municipality. An inventory report addressing what is on your site will be prepared according to your municipality’s specifications. An Inventory drawing will also accompany the report to visually represent the locations of the trees within the inventory.


Tree Preservation Plans

Most development applications now require a tree inventory and plan of preservation. This requirement applies most often to site plan application, draft plan of subdivision or condominium, building permit, demolition permit, pool permit, or other land development applications.

7 Oaks will inventory and assess all significant trees on your development site and on adjacent property as per your municipality’s requirements. A report summarizing the inventory, prescriptions for tree preservationand removals (if required) will be presented.  A tree preservation drawing will accompany this report, visually outlining the tree locations, tree protection zones, and preservation prescriptions


Tree Risk Assessments and Hazard Evaluations

7 Oaks’ Certified Tree Risk Assessors can provide you with an assessment of your tree’s health and structural integrity, enabling you to make the right (and safe) choices about the trees on your property. 


Professional Consulting Services

Planning often involves other professionals that may not be as familiar with arboriculture, urban forestry or municipal tree by-laws. 7 Oaks can offer professional advice and consultation to these agents to help protect or increase the potential for tree preservation on your development site.


Forest Stand Inventories

Conservation authorities and municipal governments have a vested interest in protecting wooded areas. Our team can provide detailed inventories and assessments of the wooded areas located on your development site. Our experienced Consulting arborists are familiar with the pertinent legislation and specifications set out by the conservation authorities in your area.   


Monetary Valuations

Utilizing industry standard methods and procedures, 7 Oaks can assess the monetary value of your trees. Our certified Arborists are experts in applying the widely accepted Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers (CTLA) formulas to determine the true market value of your tree on your site.  


Expert Witness Testimony & OMB Hearings

Our experienced Consulting Arborists have provided testimony or statements during many OMB or other legal proceedings pertaining to arboricultural, urban forestry or tree related legal issues.


Tree Health Assessments

Trees are often affected by construction activities. Our team can assess the health of your trees and their ability to cope with the additional stresses of development in their vicinity. Assessments can be completed prior to, during or after development.