Toronto & GTA Municipal Services Include Tree Assessments, Preservation Plans, & More


✼ We utilize CAD software to professionally and efficiently communicate with your planning team


Peer Review

Often, an un-biased, third party review of municipal policy or procedures may be required. This may include the preparation of municipal contract specifications or arboricultural reports.
Externally prepared arboricultural reports and drawings for development or planning applications can also be reviewed to protect the municipality’s best interests.


Tree Risk Assessments

Liability is often attached to tree ownership. Assessing the current or future risks of your trees can help to mitigate this liability and insure that your trees are safe within the public realm. 7 Oaks’ Certified Tree Risk Assessors can provide your municipality with an unbiased, assessment of your tree’s health and structural integrity, enabling you to make the right choices about public trees.


Tree Inventories

Our Consulting Arborists will tag and assess trees located in your parklands, ravine areas or streets. This planning tool can be used to prepare your urban forestry management plan or simply to keep a running inventory of your municipal trees and their conditions.


Tree Preservation Plans & Impact Studies

Coupled with a tree inventory, a plan of preservation can be completed to insure that the potential for tree preservation is at its maximum during your municipal development or reconstruction projects . Our experienced Consulting Arborists can assist in all stages of your projects, from preliminary planning to plan execution to mitigation strategies and restoration.


Monetary Valuations

Utilizing industry standard methods and procedures, 7 Oaks can assess the monetary value of your trees. Our certified Arborists are experts in applying the widely accepted Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers (CTLA) formulas to determine the true market value of your trees for compensation or security purposes.