Real Estate & Insurance Services



Tree Inventories

Our arborists can provide a detailed inventory of trees located on a site, whether for insurance purposes, real estate valuations or site specifications. Problems can be identified and assessed using this powerful tool. 7 Oaks’ certified arborists will tag, size, and assess all significant trees on your property and provide a concise report of findings.  


Preservation Plans

Coupled with a tree inventory, a plan of preservation can help to promote the potential for tree preservation. Useful in preparing planning agreements or in real estate transactions. 


Monetary Valuations

Utilizing industry standard methods and procedures, 7 Oaks can assess the monetary value of your trees. Our certified Arborists are experts in applying the widely accepted Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers (CTLA) formulas to determine the true market value of the trees on your site.  


Tree Risk Assessments & Hazard Evaluations

Liability is often attached to tree ownership. Assessing the current or future risks of your tree can help to mitigate this liability and insure that your tree is as safe as it can be. Our ISA-Certified Tree Risk Assessors can assess the health and structural stability of your tree to enable you to make the right (and safest) decision for you and your trees.  


Tree Health Assessments

Often we need to know the current condition of our trees. Other situations call for an assessment of a tree after damage has occurred. In either situation, 7 Oaks’ Certified Arborists can determine the current condition of your tree. A clear and concise report on the condition of the tree, mitigation strategies and recommendations can be prepared.


Contract Development & Supervision

Our ISA Certified arborists are all experienced in the arboriculture service industry where long-term service agreements are common. Utilizing a third-party, unbiased opinion to formulate your tree maintenance and service agreements can ensure you are receiving only necessary tree services. Our arborists can act as liaison between you and your contractor and provide frequent inspection reports.