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Living Green wants to help Barrie plant more trees.

What is one of the best ways we can fight climate change? Planting trees of course, and lots of them! 

Living Green wants to provide people with the education, inspiration and opportunity to plant trees here in Barrie. With two free public events coming up, Barrie’s environmental not-for-profit organization is excited to join the climate change fight and offer a hopeful and positive opportunity for all to get their hands dirty. 

On Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. at the Uptown Theatre, Living Green is hosting a special free GreenScreen event called Tree Talk. The evening will begin with an update about tree planting efforts here in Barrie followed by a screening of a short documentary film called Intelligent Trees.

This fascinating film looks at groundbreaking research in forest science around inter-tree communication demonstrating that trees talk to each other and care for their young. 

Following the film, local tree expert James Bourjeaurd from TimberJack Tree services will give a short talk on tree care. Want to know what tree species are best to plant in your backyard? Unsure if it’s time to prune your tree or cut off dead limbs? What tree grows fastest or tallest? Which trees attract birds? Are some people allergic to acorns? Participants will be invited to “Ask the Arborist” any burning questions they might have about their trees.

All participants in the Tree Talk event are also being given the option of taking home a free white pine seedling to plant. Eastern white pine is Ontario’s provincial tree and if given enough space and the right care can grow into a very large, handsome tree. 

Admission to the Tree Talk event is free but donations are appreciated, with all proceeds going to Living Green’s 10,000 Trees for Barrie campaign.

On Oct. 26 at 10 a.m., Living Green is hosting a large community tree planting event. People of all ages are invited to this fun, free, family-friendly event where folks will plant more than 400 native trees and shrubs beside Lovers Creek. Parking for the event will be off Concert Way in the Park Place Plaza. 

Volunteers are asked to wear a weather-appropriate Halloween costume (outdoor clothing) and proper footwear. Everyone who plants in a costume will be entered in a draw for great prizes donated by Park Place, Toys R Us, X-Play and the Barrie Disc Golf club. 

Bring shovels and gloves if you have them (organizers will have some available too!) and please bring your own refillable water container. This event is sponsored by Endeavour Tattoos and Piercings, Nature Barrie, the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority and the City of Barrie.

These events are part of Living Green’s 10,000 Trees for Barrie Campaign which aims to make Barrie a greener and more resilient community. For more information, go to livinggreenbarrie.com, email us at info@livinggreen.info or follow us on social media.

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