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Tree Preservation Plans

Most land development applications now require a Tree Inventory, Arborist Report and Tree Preservation Plan. 7 Oaks will inventory and assess all significant trees on your development site and on adjacent property as per your municipality’s requirements. A report summarizing the inventory, prescriptions for tree preservation and removals (if required) and any required tree planting can be prepared. A Tree Preservation Plan will accompany this report, visually outlining the tree locations, tree protection zones, and preservation prescriptions

Tree Inventory

7 Oaks’ Certified Arborists will tag, measure, and assess the conditions of all significant trees on your property. This is an invaluable tool for the preparation of a Management Plan or Tree Preservation Plan for construction projects.

Monetary Valuations of Trees

Utilizing industry-standard methods and procedures, 7 Oaks can assess the Monetary Value of your trees. Our certified Arborists are experts in applying the widely accepted Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers (CTLA) formulas to determine an accurate market value of your tree on your site.

Expert Witness Testimony

Our experienced Consulting Arborists have provided expert witness testimony or statements during many legal and LPAT/OMB proceedings pertaining to arboricultural, urban forestry or tree-related legal issues. We can also provide written reporting or visual presentations to support our testimony or statements.

Tree Risk Assessments & Hazard Evaluations

7 Oaks’ Certified Tree Risk Assessors can provide you with an assessment of your tree’s health and structural integrity, enabling you to make the right (and safe) choices about the trees on your property.

Tree Damage Assessments and Mitigation plans

7 Oaks’ Certified Arborists can assess damages that have occurred to your trees during construction or other disturbances. Mitigation plans are prepared to address and alleviate your tree’s problems and insure your tree receives the appropriate amount of care to increase its vigour and vitality.

Pest and Disease Identification and Management

Many insect and disease issues can arise during the life of your trees. Our Certified Arborists can provide an assessment of insect and disease problems on your trees and prepare a plan to address and solve these issues, extending the life of your trees.

Tree Health Assessments

Our Certified Arborists will prepare a complete health inspection of your trees from the ground up. This unbiased information can be used to obtain an appropriate level of management and care from your arboricultural service provider.

Tree Management Plans

Trees add value to your property, especially when they are healthy and mature. 7 Oaks can help develop a plan to promote healthy growth of your trees, insuring they are a fixture in your landscape for years to come. Coupled with a tree inventory, a management plan will identify any existing problems and prescribe appropriate measures to correct any issues over the long-term.

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